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                Contact Us
                Contact Us
                • Sales Hotline:0371-56925763 史总
                •         0371-56925780 王总
                • Recruitment:0371-56925703 人力资源部
                • Email:
                • Website:
                • Address:Cheng Industrial Park, Zhengzhou City Zhongmu open road east Yuzhou Road

                Address: yuzhou street 9,zhengkai road,ZhongMou industrial park,zhengzhou  henan

                Bus route:

                1, longhai passenger station, the old north station of zhengzhou city, the new east station take bus pass to zheng surging wave station, turn right to the east 1000 meters that is.

                2, by zheng kaifeng bus stop bus turn right at station 1000 meters east blue waves that is.

                3, zhongmou county bus station take ZhongMou to tile slope or ZhongMou to Zhu Gu bus get off at guan du town liuzhuang intersection, turn right to the east 500 meters that is.

                Contact phone: 0371-56925703 QQ: 252215645

                web site:

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                Address:Cheng Industrial Park, Zhengzhou City Zhongmu open road east Yuzhou Road Phone:0371-56925703 Phone: Contact:Mr. Meng
                • Telephone

                • 0371-56925703