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                Do not over-hype insiders called rock paper industry
                Date added:2013-06-24    Click to rate:2281

                The reason why rock paper sudden popularity, its outstanding environmental features and superior performance inseparable. According to reports, stone paper compared with plant fiber paper has the following characteristics: green energy, green paper sources of raw materials and production process without water, wood pulp, steam and so on. Will not cause damage to the environment, the product is recyclable, even if they are incinerated it does not produce toxic gases, causing secondary pollution, meet modern environmental requirements; stone paper with strength, tear resistance, anti-piercing, wear resistant to folding, resistant to moisture, insects and other characteristics; excellent water resistance, making stone paper especially suitable for open-air outdoor advertisements. Due to environmental dust, lint-free paper is not born, it can be applied in a clean room. Direct contact with food; adopt cutting, die cutting, embossing, hot stamping, drilling, heat folding gluing and other processing methods.

                Product performance should be improved

                In expert opinion, despite the stone paper has many advantages, but it is not perfect, it is in the raw material and product performance there are some issues to be resolved.

                The first is the problem of raw materials. The materials used are mainly of calcium carbonate, natural regeneration ability is poor. For example, a total storage of ground limestone mine at 1.5 million tons, more than 50 years to meet the demand for raw materials for papermaking, but if calcium carbonate for reuse in other chemical products, which guarantee the supply of raw materials will be many years? Difficult to predict. In addition, calcium carbonate limestone rock paper for demanding content, that is not what the stone can be paper.

                Recycling issues. According to reports, the product contained ore separation embrittlement decomposition can return to nature, although the conservation of matter, but can not take advantage of centralized reunification. As can be after crushing recycled after melting at high temperatures, it must have centralized recycling equipment, recycling must also be broken after dry crushing special device, but the product is currently small range of applications, the application of geographical diversification, and not may concentrate recycling, at least in the short term can not be recycled.

                Suitability of the product. Products are now thinner thickness to achieve the degree of difficult, both high transparency and density, can only produce packing paper with a hand-held; its not as gloss coated paper, you may also need to be applied to processing, such technology can achieve is unclear; while products are quantitative and thickness deviation and stability are likely worse than plant paper, printing and poor adaptability, it is difficult to adapt to high-speed printing.

                Cost. With the same thickness as paper making similar products, stone paper weight are much greater.

                Although filled with some controversy, "Champions of the Earth" Stone Paper Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board SONG Xu still says: "This product has been in marketing, we are confident that, first, it is not only environmentally friendly, energy-saving, environmental protection , protecting the planet, build a harmonious home such a wonderful premise, but more importantly is the ability to bring tangible benefits to consumers, our products into the market, and compared to similar products, the price is lower by 10% to 20%. "

                Take time to truly universal

                As a conceptual product, stone paper seemingly overnight widespread across the country. Since this project to meet the current domestic industrial restructuring, new energy, new materials, the concept of low-carbon economy and a series of development, whether it is the local government or corporate projects in rock paper showed great enthusiasm. Only from the current part of the project has been put into or under you can see on the end:

                Stone paper industry pioneer Taiwan Lung Meng Group currently has in Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Yunnan layout, planning production in the more than one million tons; Last August, in Huaibei, Anhui Sky Group also announced a total investment of 360 million U.S. dollars building stone paper projects, April this year, the project is expected to produce 60,000 tons a green paper production line will be put into production; Jilin Province plans to invest 10.6 billion yuan building stone paper production projects, of which only the scale of construction projects, Jilin Wangqing stone to reach an annual output of 5.4 million tons of paper.

                An anonymous industry insiders believe that stone paper meet future environmental trends, is the inevitable development of human science and widely used product. But the stone paper as a new technology, its technical maturity, adaptability, equipment reliability and product performance, and many other areas of instability still exist, stone paper products will never replace traditional overnight. It on the market to really gain popularity, estimates may be after a few years. "Specific to the product, which currently can not fully replace the traditional paper, the target should be more feasible to replace part of the market, as replacing 30% or 40%, instead of coated paper, newsprint or offset paper, the key lies in the technology matures, the development of and a degree of perfection, while as an emerging industry, more needs proper planning and guidance, to avoid disorderly and vicious competition. jointly improve and develop technology, regulate the use, perhaps more than simple competition, against the more meaningful. "

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