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                Packaging Design - software driven innovation
                Date added:2013-06-24    Click to rate:2545

                According to the latest news of the World Packaging Organization, the global packaging industry turnover of more than $ 500 billion, ranked in the list of world's top ten industries, packaging industry is full of promising industries. However, it is a packaging design and tedious process. Take the most popular carton packaging design, it is also its heavy workload. Conventional CAD software design tools, a skilled staff one day you can draw 10 to 20 packing structure. For design, the introduction of a graphics technology, database technology and 3D animation technology as one type of packaging production software, no doubt can reduce a lot of manpower and material resources. Now design companies have been increasingly craving box-type structure drawings, 3D proofing, packaging Expand map and 3dfolding package automatic and self-energy. Improved packaging design process and shorten design and production cycles, reduce duplication proofing cost of waste, the entire packaging prepress industry, digital, urgent need a powerful, easy-to packaging design software.

                Packmage (packaging magician) - 2009 listing of a box-type design software. It epack as the basis for software design based on a box-type library, which is the module library. In operation, first need to choose a practical case. The big difference is epack libraries which are "part", packaging magician's library inside the "whole." Compared epack, this can greatly reduce the box design process may arise problems, but on the other hand, and also reduces the flexibility of box-type design, the designer of the software cartridge type library dependency increases, which requirements Packing magicians have a huge "library" for the needs of different users.

                It has a strong box-type structure design, three-dimensional animation display boxes and other functions. Its box-type library to accommodate more than 400 new box-type, which are widely used in food, clothing, and other industries, particularly tobacco and alcohol, except users can also design their own box-type deposit box-type library, the cartridge Type the number expanded. Its cartridge-based management include: box-type parameter design, box-type mapping, 3D display, data storage. The following brief introduction to the software.

                Box-type parametric design: Packmage box-type structure to provide standardized procedures, several key parameters entered by the user to complete the design of box-type structure. The main parameter is the decision box-type structure, the expanded view of the main factor in size of each part (such as the box-type of length and breadth, thickness, etc., will be folded to form a box-type tray, the tray will have height, etc.). After the user completes parameter settings, a box-type structure of their own came out. In addition, the user can also design their own box-type deposit box-type library, expanding the number of the cartridge type.

                Packmage packaging design environment, taking into account the user the complexity of the design results can be converted into a variety of formats supported by the software design, modification good box-type files can be saved as WMF and SCR format, I watched for customers outside there are BMP, JPG, GIF three formats, but also with the PC platform publishing software, graphics software, CAD software (such as FreeHand, Illustrator, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc.) combined with complete prepress finishing work.

                Box-type mapping and 3D display function: put an image map can be affixed to the box-type structure on the document; can also put multiple images were attached to each box-type surface (This is consistent with some of the designer habit). If there is no mapping function, we say that it is soft classes. Paste box-type structure diagram is particularly true 3D display, 3D animation model can simulate the process of folding boxes, packaging boxes three-dimensional effect will be very obvious, users can also check their own 3D animation process cartridge design, 3D can recording into a video. In this case, we can significantly improve the efficiency of communication with customers, and customers can directly reduce the cost of check boxes via the Internet three-dimensional white-like, three-dimensional animation color samples and the molding process, through the packaging magician height reached consensus with the customer after the fight physical prototype - rather than repeatedly proofing costs money and time-consuming.

                Abroad for packaging structural design software development compared to mature a lot of the domestic market is now more popular, mainly including the Esko-Graphics's ArtiosCAD, ardensoftware company ImpactCAD, Cimex Corp's CIMPACK (Sen Pake), Friends of the company state The BOX-VELLUM, England AG / CAD company Kasemake.

                Among the most outstanding ArtiosCAD, it subverts the traditional packaging structural design. It uses digital form on the computer simulation package structure design and 3D folding effect. The terms of personal experience, it is a very powerful structural design software package, a package structure in the template library, based on the adjustment may need to free part of the design, or re-design. However, the price is expensive, as people, but also deeply understand it brings pain.

                Expect Packmage! Expect industrial innovation!

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