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                Enterprise culture = heart
                Date added:2013-09-16    Click to rate:2199

                  "Heart" (heartware) is relative to the "hardware" (hardware) and "software" (software). "Heart" is diligently do everything. Theory at the core of that person attentively, heart by heart; Managers to win the employees, employees to win customers. "Heart a construction" is from the mind, the person's potential to inspire and externalization, formed a team lasting motive force, promote the sustainable development. "Heart" of the ultimate goal is to improve the cohesion and centripetal force, to promote team quality overall level. Corporate culture management is also starting from the man's "heart", in heart, curing system, externalized in line, enterprise culture and promote the sustainable development of enterprises, promote the overall progress of employees, improve the cohesion and centripetal force of enterprises, increase morale, to improve the performance of enterprise management and personal management skills. In this sense, the enterprise culture = heart.

                  "Heart" the humanistic management. So-called humanistic management, is refers to the people-centered, the subject status of the outstanding person in the work, it emphasizes respect for people, caring, understanding, trust, in order to fully motivate people to work the enthusiasm and initiative, excavate its potential as the goal of humanistic management idea.

                  "Heart" includes three aspects: the meaning of the employees treat customers attentively, 2 it is enterprise attentively to treat employees, third is employee heart treat other staff. "Heart" is sincerity and sincere service.

                  The manifestation of "heart" is: careful, careful, considerate, patient, and enthusiastic, with all my heart and sincere.

                  For construction of "heart", is to make the staff to be able to take part in the management of the enterprise, more get more trust and authorization, hope enterprise to cultivate team consciousness, strengthening between different departments, the communication and collaboration between the staff and workers. Is to establish people-oriented, humanized management atmosphere. Respecting employees, caring employees, staff support and help, reducing the pressure of employees and to build a harmonious enterprise.

                  In this "heart" of the construction of the enterprise, the employee's job satisfaction and mental health level is very high; Enterprises to encourage employees to develop skills, development potential; Advocate employee involvement in the management process, open communication, leading to more concerned about and support the work of subordinates, with team work spirit and unity cooperation way. This cultural value all staff training and development, its core values is a sense of belonging, the sense of trust, team commitment, harmony, and humanized management, etc. Goal is to enhance coagulation hearts meet force, increase morale, comprehensive training to achieve the purpose of human resource development. The basic assumption is that through teamwork and staff development, organizational environment can get very good management, customers and suppliers is considered to be partners, the enterprise's mission is to create a harmonious working environment, the main task of management is authorized to employees and staff to actively participate in, the unity cooperation, ultimately achieve efficient management, improve the management performance of the organization.

                  Hardware is an enterprise's facilities, represents a kind of "form", is the enterprise management software and services, represents a kind of "love", then "heart" is a kind of "meaning", is not only the sincerity, and intention, to customizing a product and service for consumers.

                  So, hardware for "new", the software for "stability", heart is a "constant".

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