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                For the first time at the "how to be a valuable employee" speech contest perfect ending
                Date added:2013-09-16    Click to rate:2344

                   March 17th 14:00 in audio-visual classroom on time in the afternoon "how to be a valuable employee" the first speech contest, the nine contestants the wonderful speech from time to time for the audience bursts of applause. After fierce competition, according to the jury to each contestant's score, and the selected places, won the prize list as follows:

                   The first: the human resources department li li;

                   Second: the production of manufacturing miao miao;

                   Third: the production of manufacturing Li Ruixia.

                   Finally from the total of the speech contest is summarized, jia always to the human resources department and the organization work for sure, to promote enterprise culture and rich entertainment employees, after the company will organize such activities, more wish the company every employee can take an active part in, everyone strive for valuable employee, create more profits for the company.

                                                                                           Feed: yuan liao village

                The judges are to grade game players:

                In this speech contest contestant:

                he finance department director of child announced the winning player list:

                The winning player:

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